Is your willingness to be seen and heard holding you back?

Over the past decade, Karly has had the pleasure of working with at least 500 women in 1:1 and group work, as a coach, mastermind facilitator and mentor in the business and podcasting spaces.

And in that time has seen and heard all the things women will put in the way of them showing up and speaking up.

From this work, she has learned that most women have no problem investing in learning all the 'how' stuff.

They sign up for courses and coaching and masterminds and end up coming away feeling like nothing has really changed.

They may have picked up some new knowledge, but that's about it.

It's not the lack of education getting in the way of their success... it's often their relationship with visibility that's the issue.

This can show up in so many ways, but here's a few common visibility issues:

  • inconsistency and not being able to stick to anything
  • holding yourself back from sharing because it's self centred
  • never finishing anything
  • never starting anything
  • hiding (from clients and potential clients)
  • avoiding invoicing the clients you do have

That's just the start. There is SO MUCH to this. Now, visibility isn't just about being seen and heard by others. It's so much more complex (and simple) than that. Visibility is also about how we see ourselves. It's about how well we honour ourselves. It's about vulnerability and boundaries and bravery and so much more. In this 4 week online program we will:

  • Unpack visibility and why it matters
  • Look at the common blocks, why they exist and what we can do to move through them
  • Explore the importance and magic of sharing your story and your voice
  • Get clear on where you want to show and what you want to share
  • Move through fear and dig into the power of vulnerability
  • Really see yourself and your value


This program will run for all of July (first group call is July 9th) and includes 4 x weekly zoom calls. It is FREE to participate.

Note: This is not a sales webinar. It is a completely free to attend program with no strings attached. The project has been funded by WISE: Women In Social Enterprise - a project of NORWACS (Northern Rivers Women and Children's Services).


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