Whether you're connected AF, or feeling a bit lost in life and business, it's always a great idea to reconnect and remind yourself of what's driving you... because sometimes the only way we recognise we are off track, is by finding ourselves off the path.

If you're feeling like your work in the world isn't inspiring you... or like there's something more out there for you... join Karly Nimmo for this FREE online workshop, to plug back in and explore what brings your life purpose and meaning.

When we are juiced creatively and feel a deep sense of purpose and meaning, the flow on effect positively impacts all areas of your life and business.

The workshop will take place on Zoom at Midday (AEST - or Syd/Melb time) on June 30th.What a great way to wrap up the financial year! In this fun playshop you will:

  • find clarity on what matters to you
  • dig into your values and how they are showing up in your life
  • come up with an action plan as to how you will bring more meaning into your life and your work

Note: This is not a sales webinar. It is a completely free to attend workshop with no strings attached. The project has been funded by WISE: Women In Social Enterprise - a project of NORWACS (Northern Rivers Women and Children's Services).


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