Hey podcasting human!

Let's pump up the metaphorical volume on that amazing show of yours, mmmkay.

Sometimes it feels like we are putting all this work and effort into our podcast… and we aren’t really sure if it’s living up to our expectations.

There’s not always a stream of emails flooding in, or endless tags and shares in insta stories, to feed our inner validation monster, and we can find ourselves wondering if it’s all worth it.

Are my downloads mediocre? Am I hitting the mark? Are people even listening?

Of course, it is worth it. We love to podcast. We love to speak and share our truth, others truths, stories and information with the world. It’s just that sometimes we’d like to be reminded that we are on the right track.

You know what else we’d like?

  • Innovative ideas to grow our audiences.
  • To be able to ‘talk shop’ with someone whose eyes don’t glaze over when we start talking about our podcast.
  • Humans, who get it, to bounce ideas off.
  • Feedback on our show, and our content, from people who are actually in the arena.
  • Regular reminders about why we podcast.
  • Sharing of things that work.
  • People to commiserate with when things don’t work.
  • Just other fucking podcasters around you who get it.

Yeah. Me too.

So I’m bringing together a group of shit hot human podcasters (male, female, non binary - come as you are) to create an incredibly supportive community so that you can grow and thrive in podcasting (and life).

I’m a massive fan of building what I call my ‘board of directors’. A group of humans who get it. Who get me. Who really see me. Hear me. Who I can be myself around. Who aren’t trying to fix me, but are there to ride alongside as we journey through this crazy podcasting landscape together. 

If you want to:

  • be at the cutting edge of the industry, in fucking great company.
  • Have your own personal board to bounce ideas off.
  • Learn from each other’s experiments and experience.
  • And be reminded of why you, and your show, rocks.

Come join us. 

What do I bring to this?

I bring over 4 years of podcasting week in week out… Not one, or two, or three, but four hit iTunes shows. I bring 20 years experience in working with audio - as a broadcaster, voice over artist and agent. And what I’ve learned through working with almost 200 podcasters over the past 4 years (including managing podcast projects for some large government organisations and corporations). Plus I bring my rebel self… the person who doesn’t play by the rules, and is always testing the boundaries, learning and growing and testing shit out.

What will this look like?

Monthly group calls, including hot seats (where you get to bring a problem/question/concern and get the groups input, ideas and suggestions).

Monthly 1:1 call with me (to bust through any shit that’s getting in the way)

A voxer group for you to connect with all your fellow Radcasters - to bounce ideas, share wins or losses.

What’s the exchange?

The exchange is for you to come with an open mind and heart and $220 a month over 6 months (total commitment $1320). And to show you how amazing value that is, a single 1:1 call with me is usually $300, so this is fucking ridiculous. 

Is this singing to you? Are you craving community? And have a podcast? 

Let’s fucking talk.

And now it’s over to you…

What can you bring?

Fill in this application form and I’ll be in touch. We are looking to kick off in August.


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