The old way is dead. There's a new way of doing business. Business from the inside out.

One that is deeply personal.
One that doesn't require you to change and mould yourself into someone else.
One that brings purpose and meaning to your life.
One that is in alignment with who you are and what you value.
One that feels fucking good to you.

Most of us spend most of our lives chasing a version of success that is not our own. And then wonder why we never experience more than a brief fleeting moment of success before feeling deflated and defeated.

It’s time for that to change.

Join Callie Brown and Karly Nimmo for a 4 week deep dive into discovering your undercurrent. During these four weeks we will explore our four pillars of Clarify and Amplify:

  • Awareness (what is clarity and what does success look and feel like to you)
  • Acceptance (looking at where we are and reconciling that)
  • Possibility (what more is possible for you in life and business)
  • Permission (what would it look like to want more)

During all of August, we'll meet once a week on a zoom call. Worksheets will also be available via our online portal. It is FREE to participate.

Note: This is not a sales webinar. It is a completely free to attend program with no strings attached. The project has been funded by WISE: Women In Social Enterprise - a project of NORWACS (Northern Rivers Women and Children's Services).

Please be sure to click the box to hear from us as you 'checkout', so that we can send you through email reminders and the worksheet. 


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