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"I’ve had the super pleasure of working with Karly Nimmo for the past 2 years. Initially I decided to work with her because of her experience ‘doing and achieving’ the things I want to do myself. What I rapidly discovered is that Karly brings SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Whilst she draws on her own experience personally and professionally she also draws on something much deeper – a highly developed intuition and gift for seeing and feeling beyond all the ‘doing’. Working with Karly allowed me to become much freer with who I was and am being, freer to play, to rest, and to trust my instinct as I continued to grow my business. Far more than a coach or consultant, Karly is an artist who uses her gifts to help you discover and share yours. She also says the F word a lot."

Shandra Moran
The Transit Lounge

"I've been fortunate enough to attend a retreat run by Karly. The experience is unique. Karly offers great fun and a natural warmth that makes people feel instantly at ease. She's so easy to talk to, I've told her things I've not ever told anyone before. And there's no pressure. Who what and where ever you are is totally fine when you're with a group run by Karly. Karly has a knack for bringing out the best in people, for gently allowing them to realise their potential, and any blocks that could be subconsciously standing between them and their dreams. It's hard to put into words how she does this - it's a magic that you'll just have to discover for yourself. Trust in Karly, she's the real deal."

Alison Hoelzer
Alison Hoelzer Photography

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