One On One with Karly

You have your own reasons for coming to this page. And I'm not here to convince you that I'm the answer to your problems. After all, I'm not the answer to your problems, no one else is... YOU are.

Working 1:1 with me is a bespoke, fully customised experience. Part coaching, intuitive guidance and healing. Rather than me tell you what I do, and who I do it for, here's what some of my recent clients have said about working with me.

"I’ve had the super pleasure of working with Karly Nimmo for the past 2 years. Initially I decided to work with her because of her experience ‘doing and achieving’ the things I want to do myself. What I rapidly discovered is that Karly brings SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

Whilst she draws on her own experience personally and professionally she also draws on something much deeper – a highly developed intuition and gift for seeing and feeling beyond all the ‘doing’.

Working with Karly allowed me to become much freer with who I was and am being, freer to play, to rest, and to trust my instinct as I continued to grow my business. Far more than a coach or consultant, Karly is an artist who uses her gifts to help you discover and share yours. She also says the F word a lot." - Shandra Moran

Rather than push on your pain and pretend I can lump all of the amazing humans that land on this page into one box, I'd love instead to invite you to use your intuition on this one.

If you feel like I'm your person, here's your invitation to reach out and let's have a chat. Never any pressure. It's not my style.

If you don't know me enough to know what value I'd bring, definitely join my Show Up Speak Up facebook group and go subscribe to my podcasts (Karlosophies, Keeping Good Company and Make Some Noise).

Full transparency: One on One is a 3 month minimum commitment at $750 per month.

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