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Who the hell is Karly Nimmo?

With five iTunes hit podcasts under her belt, including Karlosophies and Rock Your Mic Right, Karly Nimmo is a podcast and audio professional.

Karly has worked with well over 300 podcasters since 2015 and has produced shows for some of Australia's biggest brands and organisations.

Through her online course, Radcasters, Karly brings her 20+ years of experience with audio, and her knowledge from launching 5 of her own top Apple hit shows, and breaks it all down into easy to follow steps so that you can learn to rock your mic right. 


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"Podcasting has truly opened amazing doors for me. I could not be happier that I decided to take this path! However, if it weren't for Radcasters, I'd still be listening to other people's podcasts, thinking 'I wish I could do that!'. "

Rachael Kable
The Mindful Kind

"Karly is such a brilliant person to work with on your overall podcast strategy from top to tail. She helped me jam on - not just the tech side - but the creative ideas that really make an excellent podcast. Plus - she’s just a really cool chick. Sessions with her are fun, motivating and will make your head explode with ideas! "

Denise Duffield-Thomas
Money Mindset Mentor

"Radcasters was worth every cent and so much more. In less than six weeks I went from an idea to launching in iTunes, and it was so easy thanks to Karly’s guidance! If you’re ready to get your voice out into the world do yourself a HUGE favour and join Radcasters. You won’t look back!"

Laura Trotta
Eco Chats with Laura Trotta

What's inside Radcasters?

Everything you could possibly need to know in order to launch an incredible, easy to listen to, impactful, sustainable and FUN podcast. 

The kind of person who wants to know specifics? Scroll on down.

Module One - Mapping out your show

Who What Why

Here we'll build the foundation for your podcast by nutting out what you want talk about, who you want to talk about it to (and with) and tap into the passion that made you want to podcast in the first place. 

What do I really need?

Before we dive into what this is going to cost you (financially) it's important to know what it is that you REALLY need to get started. 

What's this going to cost?

Before starting your podcasting journey it’s important to consider your options.... and your budget.  There are some that won’t cost you a cent, those that might cost you a small fortune, and everything in between.

Show Format

Choosing a show format can be tricky... an easy way to get stuck in procrastination. We look at all different podcast formats and figure out the best format for you and your audience.

Naming your show

Another key procrastination hurdle, is naming the bloody thing! We dive into the do's and don'ts when it comes to crafting your show name.

Pitching to guests

We explore where to start when it comes to interviews, how to find and pitch to guests (big and small), plus preparing for interviews and writing an incredible pitch.

Module Two - Audio

The Mic

How sound works, why your space is more important than your mic choice, and how to create a great recording space. 

The Space

How sound works, why your space is more important than your mic choice, and how to create a great recording space. 


Clear and concise step by step guides to editing and producing your podcast using Adobe Audition and Audacity. 

Intro Outro

What to put into an intro and outro and how to mix it all together to sound super professional.

Module Three - Going Live

Hosts and Podcatchers

Learn what the difference between a podcast host and catcher is and which host is right for you.

Whooshkaa walkthrough

Step by step guide on how to set up your show and schedule episodes. Pass on to your VA for SOPs.

Libsyn Walkthrough

Find your voice and express it in ways that feel ease filled, joyful, fun and rad. Practical tools to practice speaking your truth.

Submitting to iTunes

Step by step how to submit your podcast to Apple.

Submitting to Stitcher

Step by step guide how to submit your podcast to Stitcher.

Submitting to other podcatchers

Step by step how to submit to a handful of other podcatchers.

Module Four - Getting the word out

Podcast Launch Formula (gag)

I'm not a fan of one size fits all approaches to launches, but here is an overview to use as the basis for your launch.

PR for your podcast

How to get PR for your podcast. How to pitch your show to the media. 

Video for promo

Ways to use video to promote your podcast.

Listeners to subscribers

Tools and tips to turn your listeners into engaged subscribers and launching to your existing list.

Module Five - Systematise that shiz


Ways to lighten your load and make the onboarding process easy and enjoyable.

Scheduling interviews

Step by step guide to Acuity Scheduling. Including scripts to tailor in guest pre-interview automation.

Podcasting Checklist

Don't miss a single step, or forget to hit record, with this simple podcast checklist, covering everything from idea to promo.

Module Six - Making moula

Ways to monetise

A stack of answers to the no. 1 question I'm asked... 'how do I make money from a podcast?' 

Paid Podcasts

How to create a podcast that people pay to listen to. 

Module Seven - Moving through fear and doubt

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Stay motivated during the creation process. This is your insurance policy against self doubt, overwhelm and 'how to'.


Connection to an incredible community of fellow podcasters, myself (Karly) and, more importantly, to your own voice.


Find your voice and express it in ways that feel ease filled, joyful, fun and rad. Practical tools to practice speaking your truth.

And so much more... including a supportive facebook group and the opportunity to work 1:1 with me.

Get that podcast off your 'to do' and into the ear holes of your audience.


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