In this hour workshop, we'll explore the fundamentals of human design. We'll cover:

  • Type
  • Strategy
  • Authority
  • Profile

I'll give you not only a taster of how you are designed to operate, but also an understanding of what you are looking at when you look at chart. Because while it's great to understand who you are, the next most amazing thing about HD is that you can understand how to best support your clients, friends and family.

Workshop details:

Online - Zoom recording available

Exchange - $50

Once you've registered for the workshop, you'll receive a confirmation email with the workshop video. Please check your junk mail if you don't see it.

If you are intrigued after watching this workshop and you want to explore the next layers, I highly recommend signing up for Liberations through the Centres. Beyond discovering I was a 1/3 Splenic Projector, this centres stuff has been one of the biggest liberators I’ve ever experienced. You can learn more here.



So you're Human Design curious. Maybe you've heard about it but are yet to dive in. Maybe you've pulled your chart and have no fucking idea what you are looking at. Or maybe you've had an initial reading but want to a learn more so you can explore the charts of your friends and family.

Good news! I've spent the last 5 years experimenting and studying human design and I'm about to break it down into basics for you, so that you can get some clarity on yourself and your loved ones.

I've been experimenting with my design since I was invited to a reading in late 2017. Ever since it's been my obsession... probably much to the annoyance of those close to me. Over the past few years, not only have I dedicated myself to the experiment, but I also found it naturally seeping into my client work. Eventually, I couldn't ignore the invites any longer and more recently started offering sessions focussed around design and how you can show up and speak up as your true self.

Human Design is a very complex and deep system. It's a blueprint of who you are based on time and place of birth, that shows you how you best operate, interact with others and make correct decisions. However, along the way we all get conditioned out of our true nature. We start to move away from ourselves and one day, at some point in our lives, most of us wake up and wonder who we really are. So we dive into figuring out who we are and what matters to us. Liberating ourselves from the conditioning we've experienced throughout our lives.

"My mind is blown. I have never understood myself as well as I do now. One human design session with Karly has given me so much more confidence and clarity that I am on the right path, and that my qwerks are my superpowers! And it was in a way that was easy to understand and tips to utilise those superpowers more for my business. In a world we are constantly told who we ‘should’ be, Karly supports you to gain the insight to finally own and appreciate who you are truly designed to be."


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