Karlosophies - The Musical

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

Note from Karly:



Lately, I've been feeling the call to create... and music has been screaming my name. But I'm not a musician. I mean, I play like half a dozen chords on the uke. And I transition between them about as elegantly as a baby elephant. Yet, music... songwriting... kept calling.

Today, I drove out to the back of Uki for singing lessons and my incredible teacher, Lisa Brown, gave me a total hippy woo songwriting lesson. She asked me to connect to my womb, and write. I couldn't quite get to the womb, but my solar plexus was yelling out 'pick me'. So I did. And this poured out.

We played with it on piano... Lisa suggested I go home and see if I can figure out garageband. So I did. Had a play. Recorded the words, added some different tracks and this was the end result. Might add some singing at a later stage. We'll see.

It is what it is. I loved every second of creating this. I hope it impacts you, as much as it's creation has me.



This... is only the beginning.


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