A development program and mastermind specifically created and curated to take your show to the next level, by industry expert, Karly Nimmo.

Refine. Align. Grow (in all ways - podcast, business, life)

Not getting the results or engagement you expected from podcasting?

Podcasting is a magical medium... when you get it right. Frequency was created to help you take your show to the next level and really capitalise on this medium.

As someone who has worked with over 250 podcasters over the past 5 years, and produced shows for some of Australia's biggest organisations, I've seen first hand what works and what does not.

So many podcasters quit too early, or they keep flogging a dead horse. Those who don't podfade end up trying every silver bullet strategy under the sun... pintrest, SEO, instgram. Yet they don't necessarily look at the actual podcast they are producing! 

Time to turn and face the strain!

In the past I tried to overcome this by running podcast strategy sessions and audits, but I found it simply not enough.

Some people would take the feedback and make a few changes, and that was enough for them. 

But for others, it was just too overwhelming. They'd get all the feedback and strategy and then not know where to start.

This is why I created FREQUENCY - a podcasters development program and mastermind, to help you take your show to the next level, with a plate spinning approach (as in, one step at a time - with support and accountability),


I could see that people needed a higher level of support so that they could stay consistent long enough to see the incredible life changing results of podcasting. I got to thinking, and experimenting, with what that might look like. And came up with this fabulous mix:

  • 1:1 with me so that we can really dive deep into aligning your specific podcast with your business and life goals.
  • Group calls so that you can share the journey with likeminded people who totally get where you are coming from and cheer you along the way. Also adding a little extra accountability.
  • An in-person non-residential retreat (totally optional) to dive deep and get to know your fellow podcasting freqs.
  • An online course which covers all the fundamentals of podcasting to help you upgrade your skills and knowledge.
  • An online group to connect with your fellow freqs, celebrate wins and ask questions between calls.

And keep it all to a price point that didn't break the bank. 

This is crazily the cheapest way you can work with me!

AU$330 per month (approx US$250) over 6 amazing life changing months.


A space dedicated to alignment and growth. This is purely for people who are already podcasting and are wanting to surround themselves with other innovators in the space and take their show to the next level. Includes monthly group call, monthly 1:1 with Karly and a online group for sharing, learning and support.

What's inside Frequency Podcasters Mastermind?

Fuck. An INSANE amount of value!

  • Monthly 1:1 sessions with me! 30 minute monthly coaching call x 6 where you can bring anything to the table to work through (valued at $275 each)
  • A non-residential retreat on the Gold Coast, Australia (optional): taking place in March 2020 (valued at $1250).
  • Monthly group calls that take place via zoom. These 6 calls will be spread across different times and days each month to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to make it on live. Each call will have a topic to explore and hot seats.
  • A private online group so you can get the groups feedback, share learnings and lessons and support each other through the journey.
  • Bonus access to Radcasters Podcasting S'cool online course (value US$497) - so that you can get the foundations right and learn pro tips.
  • Access to the Radcasters facebook group.


Due to the 1:1 nature of Frequency, spaces are very limited. If this is calling you, act now.

The Frequency Podcasters Mastermind Intention is to create:


Most podcasters fade into oblivion when things aren't meeting expectations, or life throws a curve ball. Stay connected to your 'why' , while forming life long friendships with people who get it.


Join an incredible community of fellow podcasters. Plug into the magic that is a dedicated group of humans, on the cutting edge of the industry, learning and growing from each other.


We all know to have podcasting success, you need to be consistent. But that can be hard when you are all on your lonesome. Be held accountable to your word, your audience, and the medium.

"Podcasting has truly opened amazing doors for me. I could not be happier that I decided to take this path! However, if it weren't for Radcasters, I'd still be listening to other people's podcasts, thinking 'I wish I could do that!'. "

Rachael Kable - The Mindful Kind
Rachael's show has reached over 4 million downloads in the first 3 years

"Karly is such a brilliant person to work with on your overall podcast strategy from top to tail. She helped me jam on - not just the tech side - but the creative ideas that really make an excellent podcast. Plus - she’s just a really cool chick. Sessions with her are fun, motivating and will make your head explode with ideas!"

Denise Duffield-Thomas
Money Mindset Mentor and Author

"I could not have launched my podcast without Karly’s endless knowledge and tremendous patience. Karly’s a gem - whether you have a lot of technical background and experience or were a TOTAL novice like me. My fellow 'freqs' have been so generous sharing their expertise and always quick with an idea or suggestion. I can’t think of one question that was unanswered or one achievement that was not celebrated. I have been delighted and inspired by some of the achievements of the group that I’ve observed over the past 6 months. If you have a message you want to share, a desire to do something creative or simply to learn a great new skill, don’t hesitate. "

Liz Rankin - The Separation Fix
Divorce and separation coach

"The biggest thing I got from Frequency wasn't necessarily the fact that I went live after 5 years of thinking about podcasting, or that I feel like I've found my voice and a medium that feels so natural for me, it was the permission and support for it to be okay for me to be me. To show up and do podcasting in a way that worked for me. "

Natasha Divine - Tash Talks
Human life experimenter and transformational coach

Who the fuck is Karly Nimmo?


I'm Karly Nimmo... host of 5 top of the charts iTunes podcasts: Karlosophies, Rock Your Mic Right, Keeping Good Company (retired), Make Some Noise (retired) and Humans Resourced.

I’ve been in business solely for myself for 15 years. In that time I’ve tried my hand at pretty much everything. But it all started with my voice over agency, Killer Kopy.

We work with most of Australia’s largest companies, recording voice overs for their online learning programs. This is a gig I started and have grown and systematised since 2005.

In the years that have followed I have tried my hand at many other things. With varying degrees of success and failure. I had an online magazine in 2010/11 called Think Beautiful. I’ve run personal development workshops across the country. I’ve hosted retreats and events and masterminds. In 2012 I started (and closed) a coworking space. I’ve spoken on stages across the country. I’ve worked as a coach and mentor and teacher.


Fair to say I’ve had my fair share of failure and success.

Before I entered the world of entrepreneurship at 27, I worked as a photographer, then in sales and marketing, plus did a stint in broadcasting (radio). And even through all of that there was always a side hustle going on.

But right now, my focus is podcasting. It’s one of my true loves. To be honest, using my voice is my first great love (whether on a podcast or on a stage) and my second great love is elevating others voices. Giving them the tools and the know how to produce exceptional content, while finding their voice.

In 2015, I created Radcasters: an online course to take you through step by step what it takes to create a show you, and your audience, will love.



And over the past year or two I’ve been working more and more in a podcast consultant and producer role. I’ve been working with some great corporate clients and since 2015 I’ve worked with over 250 Podcasters to help hone and craft their voice and show.

With all of this expertise, knowledge and wisdom, I have a lot to offer podcasters. I’m not only at the cutting edge of the industry, I also bring decades of experience in audio production, content creation, marketing, sales and business.

So I’ve created a Podcasters Development Program and Mastermind. A place where you can learn from one of the best in the biz (and I say that from a place of integrity), while also masterminding with other front line Podcasters.

It’s ridiculously priced and I will definitely not ever be repeating this offering at this price point again. Like ever. Spaces are limited... as there is not just the group element, but also monthly 1:1 included.



Don't walk away from this sales page and podfade into obscurity... Be part of something incredible and take your show to places you never dreamed possible.

Join Frequency Podcasters Mastermind, for only AU$330 (or approx US$250) a month for 6 months. Crazy! And you’d be crazy not to join us.

Testimonial - Lisa Corduff


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